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STEPHEN HOLMAN is an artist and animation director. Past highlights from his four decade career include creating, designing and directing ground-breaking animation series for Nickelodeon (LIFE WITH LOOPY/KABLAM!), Warner Bros (PHANTOM INVESTIGATORS), MTV (JOE NORMAL/LIQUID TV), and Disney Junior (THE BITE-SIZED ADVENTURES OF SAM SANDWICH), and working as an artist on PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE. His animation company (W)Holesome Products Inc was founded in 1994 with his wife and partner, Josephine Huang. Holman has also exhibited his artworks around the world. His paintings explore the mysterious worlds of childhood and the imagination, containing vibrant images of animals, children, and mythology. Original paintings wi[...]
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(W)Holesome Products Inc

A Television, Film and Entertainment Media production company specializing in animated and mixed media programming. Founded by creator/producer/director/writer/designer team, Stephen Holman & Josephine T. Huang, (W)Holesome Products Inc. has, in the last two decades, produced some of the most eye-catching and innovative children’s programming on television. Holman and Huang bring combined backgrounds in theater, film, animation, fine art and comics to their work, which the LA TIMES has called,[...]
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