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Hi Everyone,

My name is Murielle Regenass and I mainly work together with my sister Karin Regenass under the artistic name Regenassart. I was born in Switzerland, literally amongst cheese and chocolat, in the alpine village of Adelboden (strangely enough I wasn't fond of either in my tender years).

My family later decided it was a good idea to move to my mothers country, Mauritius Island. Living in a tiny village that consists pretty much just of family (an Indian family at that!) - you can only begin to imagine the level of gossip and family dramas - Even the street we lived on bore the family name of Ramdonee Lane.

Being unable to go anywhere without family, I spent 7 long years locked up and sheltered (my sister got lucky, she only spent 6 years he he) However, ti[...]
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Tower of Raziel


Its an art of book, and a prequel to our online comic. About the world, characters and story