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…Your plan is to create a unique world, “peopled” with dynamic and compelling characters, rich in nuance and as reflective of their environment as animation can achieve, while telling a story that will be loved and remembered for ages…

The exploration begins early, with research into the details of the time, place, magic and imagination encompassing the tale to be told.  Research is essential, and I’ll dive right in.

You will want appealing and memorable CHARACTERS to tell this story, and details about their world that are immediately apparent…

That’s where I come in:  VISUAL DEVELOPMENT starts now!

From the beginning of my[...]
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DARRELL VanCITTERS, Supervising Director/ "Tom & Jerry Show" Season 3, Renegade Animation:

"Jean, We LOVED having you on the show, your dedication and thoughtful approach to your work really made a difference in this season's shows. If I could keep you on full time, I would..."

ASHLEY POSTLEWAITE, Executive producer/ Renegade Animation:

"Thanks so much, Jean! We are so happy we got to know you and your fantastic work, and look forward to working with you again as soon as possible..."

MIKE GIAIMO, Art Director/ "Frozen" and "Pocahontas":

"Jean Gillmore is a creative powerhouse. The depth and breadth of her knowledge of art styles throughout history play beautifully into her ability to interpret these styles in the animated film medium.
"Jean can iterate design possibilities that are endlessly fresh, inventive, and appealing."

CAROLINE HU, Senior Creative Artist (Warner Bros. Consumer Products) & USC Animation Adjunct Professor:

"I have had the pleasure of wor[...]
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