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Sometimes amazing things can happen. The Creative Talent Network known as the membership community in support of top talent artists in the animation, visual EFX, VR/AR and video game industries and also host of the International CTN animation eXpo all started with 5 members in 2009.  Located in Burbank California CTN online celebrates the talent and gives them a "command central" to grow both online and off at various locations designed for you to connect with other pros directly, learn and grow. Join the creators mailing list, like their page and become a fan, contact with them directly or post your latest art and project in the CTN activity feed. 

Each time an artist sits down to create for a client or for themselves they enter into an amazing and mostly solitary world.  A wo[...]

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Still searching online for a space to use for your workshop?

Try our ready to use workshop space and become a CTN member.

A fully loaded space including furniture, WiFi, Plasma screens, utilities, coffee, water, FREE Parking and a staffed reception.

Introductory offer from as low as $5 per person per class/event day plus a one time service fee.

You only need to pay separately for certain specific extras such as Digital Tablets, ticketing service, additional rented chairs or tables as examples. (Other extras may apply)

Avoid set-up costs, capital investment and ongoing hassles associated with renting a brick and mortar space. We eliminate the burden.

We make it simple and have a 10 year track record of hosting events. We ar[...]

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The CTN Road Trip Burbank May 18-19, 2019 CLICK HERE
The 19th Annual Burbank Fine Arts Festival and the Creative Talent Network members are back! The event has expanded to include 2 entire blocks and includes 120 artists with canopies and booths plus Career Camp and more. THE ROAD TRIP IS ON https://vimeo.com/album/2429652/video/65984280

The CTN animation eXpo Nov 21-24, 2019 CLICK HERE
The only event of its kind presents a unique opportunity that brings together the Creative Talent Network [...]

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RAISING THE BAR RECRUITING (RBR) is not a talent “cattle call”.  It is a high quality pre-selection process that takes place between professional artists and new-comers with executives and talent seekers from many feature film, television and game studios.  Submissions are previewed online and those selected will have a scheduled one on one interviews that will take place onsite at the event.  The largest event is at the CTNanimationexpo held every November but various job events are posted all year. 

PROFESSIONAL  CRITIQUES – In Career Camp artists learn from other artists. In a conservatory mentor approach, you can have your work critiqued for positive feedback from leading professionals currently working in this community. In a live format up to 10 artists [...]

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  • "I had the chance to meet Tina when we were both artists at Disney Feature Animation. CTN is the living testimony that Tina blends talents for Artistry and entrepreneurship. It allows all of us animation artists to stay connected, share our work, and make new professional contacts. It is a unique network, and Tina is the beating heart of it." Christophe Vacher, 2-time Emmy Award winner Art Director/Designer/Concept artist
  • "The Creative Talent Network is the most professional and productive networking community there is for animation." Nicolás P. Villarreal, Visual Development Artist
  • "The Creative Talent Network, and it’s associated annual CTN Expo, is the world’s premier artists’ network in the animation industry." Fred Herrman, Production Supervisor
  • "CTN is a wonderful professional setting which provides invaluable connections between artists working for all aspects of the animation industry." Katy Hargrove, Designer
  • "The CTN has provided the best outlet for me to display my work and make new connections. Tina Price provides a service for all of us working in the entertainment and illustration industry that can not be received anywhere else." Peter Emmerich, Asst Art Director
  • "I fully endorse CTN because I believe in what it stands for. There are very few artist advocates out there that deliver solutions and work as hard as CTN at promoting the cause of those who toil in the animation field." Alberto Ruiz, Instructor