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Sometimes amazing things can happen. The Creative Talent Network known as the community for top talent artists in the animation, visual EFX and video game industries and host of the International CTN animation eXpo now brings our community to you through our online CTN Portal leading you to the Membership, Store, TV and Ticketed Event opportunities. Located in Burbank California CTN online celebrates the talent and gives them a "command central" for their activities both online and off as well as a location for you to connect with them directly. Join their mailing list, like their page and become a fan, contact them directly or post your latest art and project in the CTN activity feed. 

Each time an artist sits down to create for a client or for themselves they enter into an amazing and mostly solitary world.  A world they are driven to and passionately reconnect with over and over again during their lifetime. To not simply spend their time to “recreate” the creative talent instead will dedicate their lives nurturing their talent and developing their voice, their style and their unique reason to stand out on the landscape.  
This is the story of CTN.
 The story that goes deep inside these industry influencers giving you access to their worlds.