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I want to take this moment to thank you for joining what I think is one of the best weekends for creative talent on the planet. I respect and admire how hard you work and how much you put into your careers not just with CTN but everywhere. Your efforts can largely at times seem to go unrewarded while at other times the rewards seem priceless. CTN has always strived to provide more than the other events because I feel you are worth more.  We know CTN isn’t for everyone but I am so glad it is for you. 


The theme this year is "Transformations"  shedding a light on growth in both the hard and soft skills of being a human being that is an artist. We get swept away in the details on 'how' but not enough about 'why', and the why is what makes us so special as artists. We are artists in a visual narrative medium. We should be constantly transforming and changing.

Here are a couple of new things to help promote your transformation this weekend during what many call the “TED” for artists.
Open to all ticket types who are attending. Whether you are new or have been at CTN before you will of course see a lot of things in a very short period of time. Some things you may not understand and you may question others you may not even find if of value. To help navigate your weekend a FREE 2 hour orientation with someone who will introduce you to the event and be your buddy all weekend. 
The Information Exchange. 
One of the reasons why I started @creativetalentnetwork is because I have realized throughout my career how impactful acts of  kindness and support are to cultivating and nurturing empowered artistic careers. The world needs powerful creators and one small act or bit of information could make the biggest difference in someone else’s mindset, life and career. Grab a map and go on a journey of discovery on the exhibit floor and be entered to win an iPad Pro. 
Design This!!! 
Every film, every story and every illustration has a style. Imagine going to the presentation at CTN given by one of their featured presenters and from there, consider that you are now cast onto a new project and you’ve been given a portion of the story to design in the style of that presenter.  Designed to encourage you to design outside the box and where you’ll be stretched to try new things.  What you are able to come up with and submit in March of 2020  is the same skillset as if you were a freelance artist who just had been cast on a project with a production designer already onboard.  Leave this challenge equipped with the training and tools you need in order to take the next steps in the creative process that your CTN  experience inspired.  ‘Design This’ sessions will be listed on the schedule.
Career Camp
Open to all ticket types. Grab a couple of hours inbetween panels and as if you just wanted into a professional artists studio, Career Camp is where you can ‘ask them anything’ in an intimate group environment. Listen to what a pro says to others or ask questions yourself. Hear what a pro says about someone else’s portfolio or show your portfolio. Promotes team engagement and information exchange and build relationships with new friends.
Raffle for Special Take Aways 
Some sessions will be offering a raffle You will be given a raffle ticket upon entrance to the session The schedule has begun to post with new sessions posted daily. No add ons this year. Everything is open to all ticket holders except theaters 1 - 6 you must have a Badge Passport (1-day, 4-day or VIP). Those sessions with a raffle will be on the schedule.
Coming into town early? 
The festivities start early this year with the Burbank Wine Walk. Grab a glass and visit all participating restaurants for a FREE glass of wine in Downtown Burbank. Followed by a fully immersive long format Master Story Experience like no other, and it doesn’t end on Wednesday as these story artists are there to navigate the expo all weekend. Thursday you can hook up with Master Animator Michal Makarewicz in a long formater Master Class and demo. Or if you are interested in working on the production side join Dreamworks Animation at the Animation Bootcamp on Thursday for a walk through what is needed to be a production assistant or production coordinator. 
Check out the pricing here and how to sign up: https://eventregistration.ctnadmin.com/
Last Minute?
Planning on coming but you haven’t made any reservations yet and you have no ticket? Rent 2 Nights Get in FREE. More info here: https://eventregistration.ctnadmin.com/event_details.php?id=290
Watch for more updates coming daily from not until Nov 21st.
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