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Creative Talent

The Creative Talent are professional artists whose contributions can be seen in the animation, illustration, visual effects, video game, and other creative communities.

Students and Recent Graduates

Someone who currently attends an educational institution or is a recent graduate in the animation, visual effects, and video game communities.

Producers and Recruiters

A producer will plan and coordinate various aspects of production. A recruiter will cast artists in positions on various projects. Both are roles are vital to the animation community. 


Production studios both online and in a brick and mortar space whos contributions can be seen in the animation, illustration, visual efx, video game and other creative communities.


Universities, Tradeschools, and Online Schools that provide educational opportunities supporting the animation, Illustration, visual effects, and video game industries. 


Non-profit organization and clubs whose members and board of directors provide services for the talent in animation, illustration, visual effects, and video game industries.


Book, hardware, software and other vendor suppliers who provide products and services for the animation, illustration, visual EFX and video game industries and talent.

General Membership

Open to all fans, lovers, and admirers of the art of animation.  Join us for events and bring your friends to network and meetup. Now you too can be a part of the CTN creative family.