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CTN was conceived and launched in 2004 by 30-year animation professional and award winning animator Tina Price. CTN stands as the seminal online community for the worlds leading creators of both traditional and digital animated films. Contributions from these animation artists can be seen in some of the highest grossing films in the history of animation. They come together to showcase their work, market their products and talents, pursue common goals and connect with other professionals, clients and students worldwide.

Now known as the community for top talent artists in the animation, visual EFX and video game industries CTN brings our community to you through our online CTN Portal leading you to the Membership, Store, TV and Ticketed Event opportunities. Located in Burbank California CTN online celebrates the talent and gives them a "command central" for their activities both online and off as well as a location for you to connect with them directly. Join their mailing list, like their page and become a fan, contact them directly or post your latest art and project in the CTN activity feed. 
Sometimes amazing things can happen.  Each time an artist sits down to create for a client or for themselves they enter into an amazing and mostly solitary world.  A world they are driven to and passionately reconnect with over and over again during their lifetime. To not simply spend their time to “recreate” the creative talent instead will dedicate their lives nurturing their talent and developing their voice, their style and their unique reason to stand out on the landscape.  
“Think about what people are doing in the CTN Community today. They're not just  keeping up with their fans and friends as much as they are building brands growing both the work for hire and gig economy as independent creators connecting with targeted audiences. It's become almost a disadvantage to not be involved with CTN in some form.” ~Tina Price, Founder of CTN

CTN is a self funded professional community with the support of its' sponsors and professional members with all proceeds returning back to the community in the form of upgraded service, promotional events, inspiring workshops and networking opportunities designed to help them meet their goals both locally and internationally.

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