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About Tracy Burns

Tracy Burns is an acting teacher and performance consultant who works with some of the finest visual artists at PixarDreamWorksBlue Sky AnimationLaikaCinesiteThe Third FloorThe Animation Collaborative and other animation studios, schools and production houses. She has coached Oscar-winning directors including Mark Andrews (Brave), Alan Barillaro (Piper) and Domee Shi (Bao) how to communicate more effectively with talent (Communicating with Talent). She has co-created classes (Visual ComedyVisual Storytelling: Arcs & Change) for the Layout department at DreamWorks and conducted Character Development workshops (Character Toolkit) remotely to animators in Bangalore, India. She is the Acting for Animators instructor at California College of the Arts. 

What People Say About Tracy’s Classes:

“We follow up all our classes with surveys, and Tracy’s reviews are constantly stellar. Her knowledge of her field and ability to gain class participation are exceptional. We love working with her, and would highly recommend her services.” 

Tia Kratter, Manager, Art & Film Education – Pixar


 “I’m a production designer in animation at DreamWorks and have been working in the industry for over thirty years. One of Tracy's superpowers is her ability to show her students how to work from the deepest source of their creativity, immediately and powerfully. She is a master instructor and will certainly grow the talent in remarkable ways wherever she works.” 

Kathy Altieri, Production Designer - DreamWorks 


“Tracy’s ability to help a director understand the deeper meaning and the subtext of a scene is fantastic. Her ability to help a director communicate what he/she wants more effectively to an actor is impressive. And, her care and her desire for whomever she’s working with to be successful is evident. We love working with her and are always happy to have her back.

Alexandra Bryman, Global learning & Development Manager – The Third Floor 


“Tracy’s classes have always been very informative and beneficial to our artists.  She brings a depth of knowledge and personal experience combined with an understanding of animation workflow and needs that make her well-suited to work with our artists.” 

Angela Lepito, Manager, Story Dept. & Art Dept. – DreamWorks


“Tracy’s workshops have been invaluable to our artists in their everyday tasks and expanding their knowledge. We appreciate how entertaining and interactive all the teachings are. It’s clear that she has a deep knowledge of acting and how it pertains to animation which is why we will continue to utilize her workshops in the future.”

Mindy Beradini, Recruiter & Talent Development Associate – Blue Sky Animation


“Tracy brings an amazing and inspiring energy to her workshops and, as an animator, it has allowed me to dive deeper into my characters and really understand the nature of the choices I make for them.”  

Alli Sadegiani, Animator - Pixar 


 “Tracy’s teaching has been an invaluable resource for me and many other Pixar animators. She presents the information in a fun, relevant, and interactive way, and the lessons are immediately applicable to our performances. She brings a deep understanding of acting, improv, filmmaking, and animation that is sure to enrich her students.” 

Victor Navone, Supervising Animator - Pixar 


For more information on classes, consulting and coaching, please contact Tracy: 



Instagram: @tracyburns_teaches