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About Toby Froud


I’m currently working at Laika, the stop-motion animation studio, responsible for Coraline, Paranorman, and the Boxtrolls.  I had just moved to Portland OR, when I found out about Laika and it’s the first time I’ve worked in Stop-motion. I came from Live-action and theatre before that.

I have grown up loving the art from a very young age, watching Jan Svankmajer’s “Alice”. Until now I had never been apart of that form of puppetry. Building or fabricating things from found objects always fascinated me; I was always taking things apart to put together in different ways. As a Sculptor in the Puppet Department at Laika, I am fortunate to get to work along side some truly amazing artists, it really is a team effort. We all work hard to solve the very unique problems that each character presents. I think that has to be the most rewarding part about it.  Stop-motion has to be a passion. It’s amazing to see it come together and the end result, but its a lot of hard work to get there, I still find myself amazed every time we build new things from the wild characters that will be brought to life on screen to the tiniest of props placed on beautiful sets. Outside of Laika, I formed my own company Stripey Pajama Productions when I created my own short film, I now build Puppets and working on new projects.

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