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About Oona Holtane

Hi I’m Oona! I’m a character designer and illustrator currently working at Kuku Studios on an unannounced Netflix Animation feature film.

I started my career working as a freelance illustrator, and later I found myself pursuing a career in animation as a character designer. Since then, I’ve done work for Disney Feature, Illumination Mac Guff, Netflix, Skydance and Kuku studios.

I enjoy designing characters that are connected with emotion and simply the experience of observing and living life. My goal is to inspire ideas with my work and to provide solutions to creative problems in a way that is visually appealing, emotive and innovative. I find that switching between artistic mediums and experimenting with different art forms help to create new ways to solve problems and maintain a fresh perspective.

When I’m not working or sketching people at cafes or parks I like to spend my time traveling, playing and writing music, watching documentaries and thrifting.