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About Murielle Regenass

Hi Everyone,

My name is Murielle Regenass and I mainly work together with my sister Karin Regenass under the artistic name Regenassart. I was born in Switzerland, literally amongst cheese and chocolat, in the alpine village of Adelboden (strangely enough I wasn't fond of either in my tender years).

My family later decided it was a good idea to move to my mothers country, Mauritius Island. Living in a tiny village that consists pretty much just of family (an Indian family at that!) - you can only begin to imagine the level of gossip and family dramas - Even the street we lived on bore the family name of Ramdonee Lane.

Being unable to go anywhere without family, I spent 7 long years locked up and sheltered (my sister got lucky, she only spent 6 years he he) However, time moved fast as we spent most of our time in our active imagination creating unqiue characters and worlds full of mysteries.

I later followed my sister to study illustration in San Francisco, at the Academy of Art University. Where I graduated in 2012 and moved back to my country of birth.

Art has alawys been a big part of our lives, exploring many different mediums and ways to give form to our creativity. It has led us to love both traditional and digital arts to explore where the creative process takes the drawing.  

I can do many varying styles, however I particulary enjoy drawing on the darker side of thingz. :-)