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About Mike Disa

A native of Chicago, Mike Disa has an extensive resume as a Writer, Director, and Animator in the animation industry.
Starting out in video games and TV, Disa worked up to posts at such major animation studios as Disney, Warner Bros., Marvel, Amblin, and Hanna Barbara before going independent. He co-created the series pilot Deadwood for Warners' Online, directed commercials, and developed feature project for Warner Bros. Feature Animation.
Disa directed and storyboarded the Lilo and Stitch short for Disney called The Origin of Stitchland.  He spent a year working on Rob Zombie’s El SuperBeasto before landing Hoodwinked Too!, the sequel to the 2006 original, Hoodwinked.
Since then, Disa has directed the feature-length animated adaptations of EA’s video games - Dante’s Inferno and Dead Space Aftermath. He has dived into writing in recent years, having written for the TV series - Wacky Races, Space Dogs Family, and Space Dog: Adventure to the Moon.