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About Matthew Jones

I am a digital draftsman who has a passion for drawing, storytelling and animation. Growing up I was inspired by many of the Disney animated films and the level of draftsmanship that it took to bring those stories to life on screen. Back then it drove me to pick up a pencil and connect with those characters I once saw. Now the tool has changed to a stylus but the inspiration behind it all is no different. I strive to inject as much of that feeling I can into my drawing and creative work on a daily basis through discipline and hard work.

Currently I live in Ozark, Missouri and have over 18+ years in the beverage industry as an Art Director along with a variety of freelance projects such as logo design, magazine ads, flyers, promotional materials and animation. Outside of the creative avenues I love the outdoors, hiking, animals, back country camping and spending time with my family. The goal is to inspire others to climb their own personal Everest while being the best draftsman and storyteller one can be.