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About Joshua Jacobo

Joshua Jacobo is a Californian fine artist, educator, activist, anatomist, writer, and entrepreneur. Joshua is a draftsman and sculptor, focusing primarily on the figure, portrait, and animals. Although he drew as a child, learning the skill from his mother who was an amateur artist, and professional English Professor, and author, Joshua began studying art full-time in 2011.
Joshua's work is influenced by the High Renaissance masters, as well as the Mannerists, Dutch and Northern European Masters, and some Golden Age illustrators. Recently Joshua has begun more intensive studies of the works of Bauhaus and abstract expressionist artists.
Joshua is an anatomist, creating one of the most accurate three-dimensional sculptures of the anatomy of the human head and neck ever developed and is currently developing a full standing anatomy figure sculpture to be sold as a reference product for artists and medical professionals.
Today, Joshua manages several companies, in the art, education, and tech spaces and retains his board seat at NationofChange. Joshua is currently developing new artist pipelines for his large-scale sculptural work and teaches drawing for New Masters Academy and Art Mentors in Orange County California.