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About Christie Crapeticio

Illustrator and artist Christie Crapeticio has had a passion for illustration from an early age. “My heart was drawn to the idea of telling stories through pictures, rather then just using words. This came from my passion for cartoons and comics, and the fact I was dyslexic and couldn’t spell to save my life. My early work though, wasn’t anything breathtaking to see. It pretty much looked like every other kids drawings, but with a little darker twist to it. This darker twist grew to become my signature.”
Although being advised against it by her peers to pursue a career in the arts, Christie went on to attend  Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she was able to develop her passion for telling stories via majoring in comic book art and children’s book illustration. “There I was able to find my true voice and illustrative style.”
“Today I am living and working in San Francisco where I am developing my portfolio and building a reputable list of clients. I’m currently working on many new illustration projects and have even started dabbling in pattern designs.”