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About Alfredo Torres

Born in Valencia, Spain, Alfredo Torres has over 14 years of animation experience behind him. His body of work includes films such as El Cid: The Legend (2003), where he worked as an Animation Layout Artist and a Background Layout Artist, and the award-winning film Nocturna (2007), where he worked as the Storyboard Supervisor and Production Designer.

Alongside Victor Maldonado and Adrian Garcia, Alfredo completes the trio of directors known as Headless. Working on high-profile films such as Tadeo Jones (2011) and J.A. Bayona’s upcoming film A Monster Calls, Alfredo and team have formed an animation studio of creativity, innovation and quality that specializes in the creation and development of styles, looks and characters for animated films. Their past clients include Dreamworks, Disney UK, Nickelodeon, Laika, and Paramount, and they are currently working with Reel FX Studios on the animated feature film, Wish Police (working title).